Who We Are

Our Mission & Values

We build enduring infrastructure so our team, family, and community will succeed.

Be a servant leader.

We lead by putting the needs of others before our own. No task is beneath us. We actively seek out ways to help our team and partners succeed.

Embrace every challenge.

Only through discomfort do we learn and improve. We consider every challenge an opportunity to persevere and grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Act as an owner.

We take ownership of our work. Everything we do should be worth putting our name on. No task or interaction is too insignificant for us to be proud of.

Build relationships.

We learn something valuable from every relationship. Whether it’s a team member, partner, or competitor, we build all relationships on mutual respect and honesty.

Create solutions.

We look for solutions instead of worrying about the challenge itself. We never settle for “quick fixes” and solve problems the right way, even if it takes longer.

Safety = Communication

Effective, consistent, and respectful communication is vital for the safety of our team. Every person is held accountable for giving and receiving safety-related feedback.

Our Story

Berg Construction is a family business that was built on the principle of teamwork, and the foundation of a strong work ethic.

From a young age, President and CEO Ford Berg and his siblings napped in the family camper as their parents tirelessly worked together to grow their logging business. Home-school, hardwork and family-time were blended together day in and day out, forging a deep understanding in all of them about what it takes to get the job done right and on time.

While at Temple University, Ford followed in his entrepreneurial parent’s footsteps and launched his first business, performing environmental tests in residential developments between classes with his younger brother Luke. During the winters when construction would slow, he began chasing snow removal jobs to keep a steady cash-flow.

As the business quickly grew, Ford ended up leaving college just three classes short of graduation to focus on growing that business into what it is today. Sixteen years later, Berg Construction is a full spectrum company that handles heavy civil construction, municipal utility work, commercial and residential site development, road construction and asphalt paving, as well as landfill construction projects. And wouldn’t you know, the entire family – including Ford’s parents – all work for the company.

The Berg model is simple — find incredibly talented people with prior business ownership experience and let them run with their divisions. Berg Construction supports four different divisions, with a talented leadership teams and a field of committed employees. “All the wonderful people who have worked for us, even the ones who have left our team, are how we got here. Everyone has had a piece in growing this company.” – Ford Berg

Ford Berg

"I was two weeks old my first time on a job site and I was running a skidder by the time I was eight. Lots of people say they grew up around construction, but I grew up literally doing it."


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Shea Czekai

Paving Project Manager/Estimator 
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Scott Gardner

Division Manager, Special Projects 
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Dan MacArthur

Chief Operations Officer 
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Scott Manning

Staff Geologist & Director of Geotechnology 
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Brad Iezzi

Division Manager, Commercial  
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Traci Witkowski

Director of Human Resources 
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Ford Berg

Chief Executive Officer