Waste Management Services


Berg has completed projects including cell construction, cell closure, Act 2 site remediation, leachate system installation and maintenance, landfill gas system installation and maintenance, soil processing, paving, general earthwork, and on-call site support. Berg’s qualifications, personnel experience, insurance, and bonding capacity exceed the requirements for even the largest waste management project.

Within the last 5 years, Berg has:

  • Completed in excess of 3.5 million square feet of cell construction and closure
  • 1 million yards of soil placement
  • 160,000 cubic yards of waste relocation
  • 15,000 linear feet of fusion pipe installation.

Berg has developed a reputation as a good partner working within the governing guidelines and site-specific tolerances to meet the needs and deadlines of our clients.

Waste Management Services

Featured Projects

206,000 Cubic Yards of Daily Cover

28 Acre Cell Capping



Whether your upcoming project is a residential sewer tie in or capping an existing landfill, let’s talk about how we can work together now and hopefully on many more projects to come.