28 Acre Cell Capping

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  • Location
    West Grove, PA
  • Owner/Customer
  • Project Type
  • Contract Value
  • Our Role
    Prime Contractor
  • Engineer
    BAI Associates
  • Start/Finish
    May 2015 – December 2015

Project Highlights:

• 125,000 square yards of sod removal and surface prep
• 50,000 cubic yards of trash relocation
• 5,000 linear feet of silt fence
• 5,320 linear feet of toe drain
• 130,000 square yards of soil replacement

Berg was contracted to complete all the excavation work related to the final closure and capping of a 28 acre cell for SECCRA. We performed the work within a tight deadline completing both the capping of the cell as well as 50,000 cubic yards of overfill relocation. As many as 22 Berg Construction personnel worked on multiple crews completing different phases of the job concurrently. Berg installed erosion and sediment controls and constructed the basin, then moved to stripping of sod and waste relocation. Once the area was to the desired grades we installed the subgrade and began the preparation of the subgrade for liner installation. After the liner was installed and tested we imported the cover material and installed the drainage facilities and underdrain as well as external gabion letdowns. The project required intense coordination with the client, QA inspectors, and the lining contractor. Through tons of planning, dedication, and long hours, we were able to complete both the contracted capping and additional relocation work within the required time frame.