Community Helper Day

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Last week, Berg Construction was honored to participate in Community Helper Day at Conestoga Christian School.

Alongside local leaders – the fire department, police, ambulance service, plumbing company, and horse farrier – we had the privilege of engaging with students from kindergarten to third grade. We spent the morning showcasing the essential roles each of our businesses plays in the community.

The joy on their faces as they sat in our mini excavator, enthusiastically honking its horn, was infectious. Their fascination with the capabilities of our dump truck mirrored our own passion for our craft.

For us, community involvement extends beyond our projects; it’s about building lasting relationships and cultivating growth opportunities for the future. Introducing young minds to the dynamic world of construction and heavy machinery represents just one facet of our commitment.

Through initiatives like internships, co-op programs, and on-site training for newcomers to the field, we’re dedicated to fostering a robust workforce and creating pathways for career advancement within our local community.

At Berg Construction, we understand the significance of the trades, and the hard-working individuals who fuel them. That’s why we’re continuously shining a spotlight on their contributions. And on days like Community Helper Day, we’re reminded of the importance of nurturing and encouraging the future community helpers.

As we reflect on this memorable day, we’re grateful for the opportunity to play a part in shaping the minds and aspirations of the next generation. Together, we build a brighter tomorrow.

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