Wilbur Mansion

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  • Location
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Owner/Customer
  • Project Type
  • Contract Value
    $1.6 Million
  • Our Role
  • Engineer
    Van Cleef Engineering Associates
  • Start/Finish
    January 2021-June 2022

Berg Construction completed work for the renovation and addition to the Wilbur Mansion, and construction of the Wilbur Apartments.

The Scope of Work Included:

  • Demolition and land clearing of existing structures and trees
  • 20,000 Cubic Yards of Cut/Fill
  • Installation of stormwater management systems
  • Installation of new wet utilities
  • Installation of new curbing and pavement for all parking and drive areas
  • Installation and maintenance of all erosion and sediment control

We also completed the construction of a retaining wall to act as protection for the existing historic Wilbur Mansion during construction.