Viwinco Windows

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  • Location
    Morgantown, Pennsylvania
  • Owner/Customer
    Hankin Group
  • Project Type
  • Contract Value
  • Our Role
  • Engineer
    Chester Valley Engineers
  • Start/Finish
    June 2021 - June 2022

Berg Construction was responsible for comprehensive site development to prepare a 70,000 square foot building pad, including a range of tasks to facilitate construction and infrastructure.

Project Highlights:

  • Cleared 7 acres of land for site preparation.
  • Implemented and maintained erosion and sediment (E&S) controls throughout the project.
  • Managed 45,000 cubic yards of earth through cut, fill, and export operations.
  • Installed water lines for domestic and fire service purposes.
  • Implemented an underground stormwater management system, including all associated storm piping and structures.
  • Installed sewer lines and tied them into the existing main.
  • Installed 3,000 linear feet of concrete curbing.
  • Completed 6,500 square yards of asphalt paving for the building pad.

Berg Construction’s efforts resulted in the successful preparation of a building pad for future construction, integrating essential utilities and infrastructure to support the development of a new manufacturing facility.