Project Highlights:

• 125,000 square yards of sod removal and surface prep
• 45,000 cubic yards of trash relocation
• 850 bales of straw
• 5,320 linear feet of toe drain
• 130,000 square yards of soil replacement

Berg was contracted by CCSWA to repair terraces and letdowns on two existing cells. The work began with adjusting terraces that had settled. We redefined areas of slopes and terraces that were not allowing storm water to run to the designated letdowns as per the design. We also repaired leachate seeps created by trapped storm water. CCSWA tasked Berg with using our GPS to identify, stake out, and remediate areas in need of correction and stabilize any resulting disturbed areas. We also installed temporary berms and gabions to assist in controlling the runoff taking great care to avoid damaging surface gas pipes and existing capped areas. It took 20,000 cubic yards of material to ensure proper runoff and successful stabilization of cells. Berg worked closely with the landfill’s operation director to ensure all the work was completed per his direction.