Site Work for Leachate Plant

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  • Location
    Morgantown, Pa
  • Owner/Customer
    Republic Services
  • Project Type
  • Our Role
  • Engineer
  • Start/Finish
    August 2013 – December 2014

Project Highlights:

• Excavate 35,000 cubic yards in area of future cell within active landfill to build pad site.
• Import, place, and compact structural fills in excess of 20 feet
• Prepare 200,000 square foot pad site
• Paving in excess of 13,000 square yards

Berg was contracted to complete all site work related to a new leachate facility. We demolished existing infrastructure including buildings, macadam and utilities. Berg imported in excess of 35,000 cubic yards of soil from a future cell to create a 200,000 square foot pad site including the compaction of fills in excess of 20 feet. During the project we installed, maintained and converted all required storm water management facilities and installed, maintained and removed all required erosion control measures. Berg installed sub base, base and all macadam for 13,500 square yards of paving. We worked in conjunction with the prime contractor to excavate and backfill utility trenches for gas, electric and leachate installations. The work of all those involved on this project has been showcased by Republic at various events.