Pond Dam Repair

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  • Location
    Elverson, Pa
  • Owner/Customer
    Diament Builders
  • Project Type
    Private Owner
  • Contract Value
  • Engineer
    Munro Ecological Services
  • Start/Finish
    6/12 – 8/13

Berg Construction undertook the challenging repair of a pond dam with a fish ladder, facing strict environmental constraints and a tight schedule due to habitat preservation concerns for a private landowner.

Key Project Highlights:

  • Removed existing dam breach material and installed compacted soil in 8” lifts to meet required compaction standards.
  • Maintained a stream bypass system using multiple pumps and coffer dams during the repair process.
  • Installed HDPE liner and spillway area with Tri-Lock pavers to enhance structural integrity.
  • Collaborated with a concrete contractor to cast the fish ladder in place as part of the repair.
  • Backfilled and graded the area upon completion of the fish ladder installation, ensuring project success within the designated timeframe and environmental guidelines.

Berg Construction successfully completed the repair of the pond dam and fish ladder within a compressed timeline, demonstrating expertise in environmental remediation and construction management.