Phelps School

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  • Location
    Malvern, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    C. Raymond Davis
  • Project Type
  • Contract Value
  • Our Role
    Site Contractor
  • Engineer
    Schrader Group

Berg Construction successfully executed extensive site development for the Phelps School, encompassing various tasks:

  • Constructed a 23,000 square foot building pad.
  • Installed 3,310 linear feet of piping infrastructure.
  • Managed earthmoving operations involving 27,500 cubic yards.
  • Completed installation of utilities.
  • Paved 5,670 square yards of surfaces.
  • Installed 2,250 linear feet of curbing.
  • Laid down 11,000 square feet of concrete flatwork.
  • Implemented fire access road using GeoWeb technology.
  • Deployed erosion and sediment control measures.
  • Installed stormwater management basins.

This project highlights Berg Construction’s capability to deliver comprehensive site development services, showcasing expertise in infrastructure, paving, and environmental management to meet client requirements effectively.