Norristown Area School District

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  • Owner/Customer
    Norristown Area School District
  • Project Type
    Public Project
  • Our Role
    Prime Contractor
  • Engineer
    Remington & Vernick Engineers
  • Start/Finish
    6/19 - Present

Berg was contracted by the school district to reconstruct the schools parking area and bus lanes. The reconstruction included curb, sidewalk, paving, and new painting for all parking and school playground games. After milling the existing asphalt, unstable base material was discovered. With a very tight schedule, working between breaks in the school year, Berg was able to undercut the unstable areas and complete the project on time.

Project Highlights:

  • Mill & Pave 50,000+ Square Yards
  • Install New Curb, Sidewalk, & ADA Ramps