Morgan Meadows - Rotelle

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  • Location
    Morgantown, Pennsylvania
  • Owner/Customer
    Rotelle Custom Home Builders
  • Project Type
    Special Projects
  • Contract Value
    $219,000 (approx.)
  • Our Role
  • Engineer
    Carta Engineering
  • Start/Finish
    December 2020-September 2022

Berg Construction successfully executed site work for the development of 18 townhomes in collaboration with Rotelle Custom Builders. Our scope of work encompassed:

  • Site grading to establish optimal land contours.
  • Excavation for both basement and slab foundations.
  • Utility trenching to facilitate essential services.
  • Installation of stormwater piping to ensure effective runoff management.
  • Final grading to achieve the desired site elevation and aesthetics.

This project highlights Berg Construction’s expertise in providing comprehensive site development services for residential projects, ensuring structural integrity, utility access, and environmental responsibility throughout the process.