Limerick Trail System

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  • Location
    Limerick, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    Limerick Township
  • Project Type
    Public Works
  • Our Role
    Primary Contractor

Berg Construction contributed to the development of the Limerick Trail System, a public project funded by a grant from local utility company PECO. Our involvement included:

  • Construction of one mile of trail looping around a subdivision, part of a broader initiative to connect trails across multiple counties.
  • Overcoming challenges posed by unsuitable soils and limited operational space without disturbing surrounding areas.
  • Working within an aggressive timeline to complete the project before winter weather set in.

Our six-month endeavor encompassed various phases, including excavation, paving base preparation, grading for water runoff control, 10-foot bituminous paving, and installation of trail signage, gates, and a commemorative plaque.

This project exemplifies Berg Construction’s commitment to enhancing public infrastructure and overcoming logistical hurdles to deliver high-quality results within strict timelines.