High Meadows Subdivision

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  • Location
    Douglassville, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    Local Builder
  • Project Type
    Residential Site Work & Improvements
  • Our Role
    Primary Contractor

Berg Construction undertook full site preparation for the High Meadows subdivision, comprising 12 half-acre lots. Despite the project’s complexity, including a lot-by-lot approach, coordination with multiple subcontractors, and tight job site constraints, our team successfully executed various tasks:

  • Excavation of all 12 lots and installation of storm pipe, rain gardens, sewer, and water utilities.
  • Trenching for electric and telecommunication utilities.
  • Sub-grading and grading of all lots in preparation for seeding.

Working within a 120-day timeframe and alongside numerous contractors, we ensured efficient progress while minimizing disruptions to nearby residents.

This project exemplifies Berg Construction’s capability to manage intricate site development projects with precision and collaboration, delivering results that meet both client expectations and community needs.