High Meadows Subdivision

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  • Location
    Douglassville, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    Local Builder
  • Project Type
    Residential Site Work & Improvements
  • Our Role
    Primary Contractor


The High Meadows project involved full site preparation for a 12-lot subdivision. Each lot was a half-acre, and due to the local builder’s schedule, we bounced around quite a bit from lot to lot. Rather than excavating the entire subdivision, then installing utilities for the whole development, and so forth, we worked on 2-4 individual lots at a time.


Our Biggest Challenge

Aside from the lot-by-lot approach we needed to use on this project, another major complicating factor was trying to coordinate our work with several subcontractors. At any given time, there were at least two subs working alongside us. Not only did we need to avoid stepping on each other’s toes, but we also had to share the same job sites, parking areas, etc.

Another issue was how tight the job site was. There were existing homes just a stone’s throw away from where we were working, so it was vital that we minimized disruptions to the everyday lives of the people living nearby.


End Result

Berg excavated all 12 lots at High Meadows and installed all storm pipe, rain gardens, sewer, and water utilities. We also trenched for the electric and telecommunications utilities, as well as sub-grading and grading of all lots prior to seeding. We completed all of this work in a 120-day span while sharing the job site with numerous contractors.