Hellbush Residence - Rotelle

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  • Location
    Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  • Owner/Customer
    Rotelle Custom Home Builders
  • Project Type
    Special Projects
  • Contract Value
    $98,000 (approx.)
  • Our Role
  • Engineer
    Carta Engineering
  • Start/Finish
    May 2023-October 2023

Berg Construction collaborated with Rotelle Custom Home Builders to provide comprehensive site work for a single-family residence. Our scope of work included:

  • Site grading to ensure proper drainage and foundation stability.
  • Excavation for the basement foundation.
  • Utility trenching to facilitate essential services.
  • Installation of stormwater piping for effective runoff management and environmental protection.
  • Final grading to achieve the desired site contours and aesthetics.

Berg Construction’s commitment to delivering high-quality site development services for residential construction builders allows us to provide for our local community.