Fairview Road

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  • Location
    Lower Merion Township, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    Local General Contractor
  • Project Type
    Residential Site Work
  • Our Role


The Fairview Road project is a great microcosm of Berg’s residential site development capabilities, as we typically have 15-20 of this type of project going at any given time. This job saw our crews prepare a two-acre lot for the construction of a 3,500 square-foot home, performing all phases of site prep from clearing the ground to the moment the builder started constructing the house itself.


Our Biggest Challenge

Seeing as we perform this type of work all the time, Fairview Road wasn’t a particularly unique or unusual challenge for us. Still, it’s never easy to complete these jobs within the 120-day window we offer our clients for all residential site work, even on a relatively clear job site without any surrounding structures or complicating factors.


End Result

Berg Construction crews performed all excavation at Fairview Road and also installed storm pipe, rain garden, diversion swales, septic system, and water utilities. In addition, we trenched for electric and telecommunications utilities, and also performed sub-grading and final grading. We completed all of this work within a 120-day turnaround to our client’s satisfaction.