Fairview Road

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  • Location
    Lower Merion Township, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    Local General Contractor
  • Project Type
    Residential Site Work
  • Our Role

Project Overview:

Berg Construction’s capabilities in residential site development shine through in the Fairview Road project, demonstrating our expertise in preparing a two-acre lot for a 3,500 square-foot home construction. Our team handled all phases of site preparation, from initial ground clearing to readiness for the builder’s construction commencement.

Key Project Highlights:

  • Excavated and prepared a two-acre lot for residential construction.
  • Installed storm pipes, rain gardens, diversion swales, septic system, and water utilities.
  • Conducted trenching for electric and telecommunication utilities.
  • Completed sub-grading and final grading to ensure site readiness.

This project demonstrates Berg Construction’s commitment to efficient and timely residential site development, completing all tasks within a 120-day timeframe to meet client expectations.