Bethlehem Landfill Cell Se-1b Construction

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  • Location
    Bethlehem, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    Waste Connections
  • Project Type
    Landfill Cell Construction
  • Our Role
    Prime Contractor
  • Engineer
    Martin & Martin Inc.
  • Start/Finish
    9/18 - 5/19

Berg was contracted to construct a new cell at the Bethlehem Landfill.  The project was on a tight timeline and required coordination with the owner and engineers to meet the deadlines ensuring the availability of additional airspace.  Berg was required to remove the existing soil and geosynthetic closure materials prior to the construction of piggyback cell Se-1b.  Our work included removal of 50,000 cy of soil, 7 acres of geosynthetics and preparation of the 310,000 sf  of cell floor for the geosynthetic deployment.  Once geosynthetics were in place Berg was responsible for installation of protective cover, landfill gas collection systems and leachate collection systems as well as storm water collection and control within and surrounding the cell.  A major component of this project was the management of dewatering required to protect our work area and the active disposal area.  Through the hard work and planning of our team we were able to complete this project on time even as we experienced one of the rainiest seasons on record.

Project Highlights:

  • 50,000 Cy Excavation
  • 7 Acres Geosynthetic Removal
  • 310,000 sf of Cell Construction 
  • 3,000 lf of Leachate Piping
  • 5,000 lf of LFG Collection Piping