Arbor Gate Storm Inlet Repair

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  • Location
    Myerstown, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    Hometown America
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Sinkholes are a common problem in our region because of the large amounts of limestone in the soil — when it rains, water seeps down to the limestone and causes holes to open up. The Arbor Gate project involved the investigation and repair of sinkholes at eight street inlets in this private 55+ housing development.

Our work on this project started with excavating around each sinkhole and compacting the soil. Then, we repaired the pipes, inlets, and paving base. Finally, we put in new pavement around each of the newly repaired storm inlets.

Our Biggest Challenge

The challenges of this job started with the fact that there were lots of people watching us as we performed this work, due to the job site being inside a subdivision for 55+ residents. This also meant that there were some safety issues in addition to the ones we would normally face on a similar job.

Typically, we would perform all repairs and then take care of the final paving steps on our way out of the job site. However, due to concerns about residents potentially falling into an open inlet, we immediately paved over each sinkhole as we repaired it.


End Result

We managed to complete this job in around one week, and we met both our client’s schedule and budget on the Arbor Gate Storm Inlet Repair project. In addition, we successfully planned and executed our work in a way that kept our own crews and Arbor Gate’s residents safe.