Act 2 Closure Project

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  • Location
    Berks County, PA
  • Owner/Customer
    Private Client
  • Project Type
  • Our Role
    Prime Contractor
  • Engineer
    BAI Associates
  • Start/Finish
    June 2016- October 2016

Project Highlights:

• 18,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil relocation
• 220,000 square feet of revegetation
• 3,000 linear feet of anchor trench
• 1,320 linear feet of toe drain
• 25,000 cubic yards of soil import replacement

Berg was contracted by a private client to complete an ACT 2 closure capping project in . Work began with access road clearing and E&S installation followed by relocation of 18,000 cubic yards of materials from offsite to meet the design grade of the site. Drainage pipes and water controls were installed to protect the surrounding property. All onsite Berg personnel were OSHA 40 hour Hazwoper certified. The site required the presence of a Certified Industrial Hygienist and the use of level C hazmat PPE. Due to the isolated nature of the site, we also provided 24 hour supervision while all phases of the work were completed.