Kelsey Lederer

Operations Administrative Assistant

If you’d told Kelsey her future was in construction, she’d have been surprised. When she finished high school she thought about going to cosmetology school, but found a good fit within the service industry. One day during a shift at the local restaurant, she got a call from Berg to come in for an interview. A couple of days later, she joined the Berg Family, and she’s never looked back.

At Berg, Kelsey’s people-oriented attitude and service experience are an enormous benefit to Berg. She supports the entire operations team, and her responsibilities include setting up jobs, ordering office supplies, and assisting project managers and leadership with whatever they might need. The workload can become overwhelming, but from Bryan Naranjo she’s gleaned an “urgent vs. important” strategy to manage each day’s challenges.

One thing that makes Kelsey great at her job is that she’s reliable and punctual. If she’s given a task, you can bet that she will get it done quickly and accurately.

Like most of our Berg team, Kelsey’s biggest point of gratitude regarding Berg is that she is given the opportunity to learn and grow to her full potential. If we’re going to attract young people to the industry, we’ve got to see the potential in them, and give them the chance to realize it.