JD McGowan

Special Projects Supervisor

Started at Berg: 2015

JD McGowan is a Site Supervisor with Berg, running two crews on our residential sites. Before Berg, he worked as an excavator operator, mostly running equipment and building houses. He appreciates working for Berg because they can take on big jobs while still caring for every individual.

JD’s challenge at work is keeping his team organized. JD will do things the right way the first time and hold others to the same standard. Meeting production and working safely go hand in hand, and JD has great relationships with his crew because of mutual respect.

In his opinion, the blue-collar world needs to let people know that not everyone has to go to college to make good money. JD is in a good financial position, and he worked his way up straight out of high school. You can make a great living in the trades, but you have to work for it. 

JD had a mentor in his father when it came to money management. JD watched his dad work the farm in the morning, then second shift at a metal company, and he saw firsthand what it meant to give without complaining. Oddly enough, JD listened to his dad, and by the time he graduated high school, he had plenty of money in the bank.

His wife and three kids are his pride and joy. He enjoys helping coach his son’s sports team and playing outside with his children. Beyond his family, he loves being outside, hunting, and fishing.