Landfill work

Landfill construction is different from other types of work due to the intense regulations and specifications. We have excelled in this field through attention to detail and time management.

Berg has completed many different types of work related to the specific needs of each solid waste management client. We’ve┬ácompleted site work on a two million gallon leachate system, installed final earth cover material and supplied cover soil from borrow areas to facilitate final closure of cells up to 30 acres. We have also been contracted to adjust terraces and slopes to control storm water run-off on both active and capped cells.

We have the specific equipment required for working on capped areas and understand the material specifications needed to comply with environmental regulations. In addition we have completed closure work to cap an Act 2 site as well as having built wetlands to handle water clarification. Berg has the experience, knowledge, equipment and personnel to handle all your environmental earthwork needs.