Kristian Lederer


Started at Berg: 2019

Kristian likes being able to turn nothing into something. He loves operating equipment, learning how jobs work, and how the planning process works. 

When he finished high school, he wanted hands-on experience in a position where he could learn on the job. He had a friend who worked in concrete who told him he should try construction. Now he’s at Berg doing exactly what he had in mind– working and learning as he goes.

One of the biggest things Kristian values at Berg is the chance to prove himself and grow. He’s convinced that offering a path to growth is the only way to attract young people to the industry. We’ve got to give them a chance to prove their skills and teach them how to do even more. 

Kristian had a good teacher growing up in his father, who was a small engine mechanic. His dad taught him to take responsibility for his actions, and he’s taken those valuable lessons into his work at Berg.

In his free time, Kristian likes fishing and hunting waterfowl and medium and big game.