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Joe Genery


Started at Berg: 2019

We’re grateful to have Joe Genery on the Berg crew.  He works hard, understands the big picture, and goes all-in from start to finish. Earning an honest living is satisfying, and he considers his crew’s safety his personal responsibility. 

One of the things he enjoys about being a part of Berg is working alongside guys who have years of experience.  “I don’t have to be afraid to ask for help, and I also know that my own work is valued.” 

He started in construction at 18, working for an excavating company owned by a friend’s father. For Joe, his hard work and hunger to learn have opened a lot of doors. 

His advice to those who are just starting?: it’s one career where hard work really does lead to opportunities.  To this day, a big part of Joe’s enjoyment is seeing jobs that he worked on years later still functioning as intended.  

When he’s not at Berg, you’ll find him hanging out with his girlfriend, working out, or getting some new ink.