Joe Genery


Started at Berg: 2019

Q: What is your role at Berg Construction? What are your typical responsibilities?

A: I joined the Berg team in the spring of 2019. I am a laborer and operator. My main responsibilities are operating equipment, maintaining a quality standard of work, and performing any labor required to complete tasks and jobs.


Q: What are the biggest day-to-day challenges of your position?

A: Digging around live utilities, working in all the elements, and troubleshooting difficult projects are the main challenges I face.


Q: What matters the most to you when it comes to your job?

A: It’s important for me to complete quality jobs that will last and function for years, long after I retire. Also, making sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day and earns an honest living is always a priority.


Q: What was your career background before you joined Berg? How did you get into this industry?

A: Before I came here, I worked in several other fields in the construction industry. I worked as a pipelayer and progressed into a foreman’s role with my previous company. I first got started in construction by working at a friend’s father’s excavating company at the age of 18.


Q: What do you enjoy the most about your job?

A: I like working on a job from beginning to end and getting to see the overall development of the job site. I also enjoy looking back at jobs that I worked on years ago and seeing that they are still functioning with a high level of quality.


Q: Why do you appreciate working for Berg? What sets them apart?

A: I get to work with guys that have years of experience in the field and learn from them. If I need help or if I don’t know something, I don’t have to be afraid to ask for help. Also, I know that I contribute an important part to this company and that my work is valued.


Q: Is there a specific project that sticks out in your mind as a job you’re especially proud of?

A: I was on a job for an expansion of Hershey Park and I had just started overseeing pipe crews on my own. We completed a 220-foot double-barrel with 60” pipe running 15 feet deep. It was a difficult task and I proved to myself that I could handle situations like that on my own.


Q: How do you think our industry could do a better job of recruiting young people?

A: We need to show them that in this line of work, the harder you work and the more you learn, the more opportunities you have. You can make a lot of progress in this career.


Q: How do you like to spend your free time when you’re not working?

A: I like to go to the gym, get tattoos, and hang out with my girlfriend.